Pipe Dream 

When I was in high school, I had an inner knowing to play the guitar. When I was much younger my brother Bill and I would play pool after school and use the pool sticks for air guitar. Free Bird, Allman Brothers Band, J. Giles, and he especially loved ZZ Top. I went to my first concert, when I was still pretty young by the standards back then. My Mother let me go as long as I went with Steve, the youngest of my two brothers. And although it bugged him the worst, he conceded to let me go. Oh, and it was Aerosmith!!! OOO LAA LAAA! Back then we just thought how cool it would be to feel so free. Not until later, did I get the knowing. It was a feeling that just rose up inside of me. Like I could really do this, so I asked my Mom for a guitar. She said, NO! So, like a smart kid, I called my Dad, my parents were divorced. And he said, "Why don't you go get one with your own money?" I thought that was a brilliant idea, so I did.

It was a terrible acoustic guitar with the strings so far off the neck I was frustrated. My friend's boyfriend took a look at the guitar and asked me if I was able to get another one. I said yes. I saved all money, like a hoarder. So we went to Big Apple Music, and the guy brought out an older acoustic guitar from behind the counter. It was true love! 

It took me over ten years before I bought another guitar, but I decided I needed a cutaway and some electronics. I walked into the same store(different address) and the guys are great there. He recognized me from my years of drooling and window shopping and buying strings. I said I would look around. I was drawn to this particular guitar and asked him if I could play it. "This is a really nice guitar," he remarked. I am so blessed. Fell in love again and we are still together today.

Ya just have a knowing when you feel it. And that is what music is too. Ya feel it and then it kinda gets you. What a great gift to be given. I love life when I look at it thru my music journey.

All the best,